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One of the worst things about all this is what people are saying about me through all the crap that you’ve been telling them. I shouldn’t worry because I won’t see them again but it still hurts knowing that you’re doing this to me and people will remember me negatively.

I’ve still got a long way to go till I get my head sorted around what has happened the past year..


I’m off to Ibiza in 23 hours so fuck everything else

Do you ever think like what’s the point in becoming close to someone? Like why bother you talk get to know each other time goes by you maybe even start to develop feelings for them all for it to just fall apart and you become strangers with the one person you were closest with and then they find someone else and it’s like nothing between you two even existed.

"Love is mean Love hurts, yeah I still remember that day we met in December"

Too fucking right Lana.